Rec Governing Board

The Recreation Facilities Governing Board is an advisory board to the Chancellor and is comprised of undergraduate and graduate students. The board is charged with oversight of operational policies and approval of the annual budget and facility usage fees.

Other responsibilities include representing student concerns, issues and ideas to the Recreation Department administration, and to serve as a liaison to ASUCR and GSA on matters relevant to campus recreation.

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Our Board Members


Tyler Uyeda

Position: Chair

Major: Business Administration

Quote: "The SRC has provided me a place on campus where I can improve both my physical and mental health. Its staff and members come together to create an uplifting environment to nurture a sense of inclusivity and unity each and every day. With its wide variety of programs and opportunities, the SRC has something to offer to everyone within UCR’s diverse community. I am passionate to be apart of the continuous effort to improve the SRC and advocate for all students to utilize its services to pursue a healthier lifestyle."

Courtney Wood

Position: Executive Secretary

Major: Neuroscience PhD

Quote: "I'm extremely passionate about mental, physical, and spiritual health. I love using the SRC for my Olympic and powerlifting training. Being a member of the RGB allows me to advocate for other graduate students who are excited about fitness."

Ethan Lee

Position: Undergraduate Student Member

Major: Political Science

Quote: "The SRC is one of my favorite places on campus due to the numerous activities it provides. I enjoy playing basketball and lifting weights to destress after a long day of schoolwork."

Sahiti Vennampally

Position: Undergraduate Student Member

Major: Neuroscience

Quote: "I believe the SRC is a wonderful place that builds a sense of community for UCR students through the various recreational activities that are offered. I believe it's really important how the SRC promotes and encompasses the varying needs of all students. So as a member of the RGB, I aim to advocate for the students' concerns and needs to make exercising more enjoyable and accessible."

Hailey Uyeda

Position: Undergraduate Student Member

Major: Business Administration

Quote: "My name is Hailey Uyeda and I am an incoming 3rd year business major here at UCR. I am excited to be a member of the Recreation Governing Board because I want to make sure that everyone feels safe and welcomed at the Student Recreation Center!"

Shivam Kaushik

Position: Graduate Student Member

Major: Business Administration

Quote: "I am a firm believer of the fact that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. SRC is a place that takes students' attention out of their curriculum and gives them time to take care of themselves. I see every part of the recreation center as a blessing because it recharges and prepares me to face the day ahead."

Devon Sternberg 

Position: Undergraduate Student Member

Major: Public Policy, Minor in Neuroscience

Quote: "The SRC fosters an inclusive community of people of all fitness levels and promotes a place to be mentally, socially, and physically healthy. The rock climbing wall, the pool, and the ropes challenge course are my favorite parts of the SRC."

Salvador Chacon

Position: Undergraduate Student Member

Major: Business Economics

Quote: "The SRC is an essential part of my physical and mental health. I love being able to start my days at the SRC for that extra energy boost after exercising. I hope my role in the RGB will make the positive changes needed to keep the SRC running."

Akanksha Agarwal

Position: Graduate Student Member

Major: Master of Finance Candidate

Quote: "I love going to the SRC because it is the one place where my friends and I can relax, play games and have fun. Also, I love going to the SRC because it helps me take my mind off and focus on my health. The badminton court, dance classes and the massage chair are my favorite parts of the SRC."

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