Fit For Hire

Welcome to Fit for Hire, where recreation comes to you! Fit for Hire offers off-site fitness services provided by the Student Recreation Center (SRC) FitWell department. SRC Staff will travel around campus to provide fitness and wellness services to the UCR community. Whether you're a student organization, staff department, or any other group looking to enhance your well-being and team spirit, Fit for Hire has something special for you.

Currently, this program is offered on a limited basis, and its availability is contingent upon the schedules of SRC staff and instructors. The FitWell department is committed to providing resources to on-campus departments whenever possible. SRC Staff will do their best to accommodate your preferred date and time.


Complete the Fit for Hire request form to let the FitWell department know your preferred date, time and desired activity.

A FitWell staff member will then contact you to discuss further details. On the day of the event, all you need to do is show up and be ready to move!

For more information about the Fit for Hire program, contact

Pricing & Offerings

Whether you're craving the invigorating energy of a group workout or the soothing relaxation of a chair massage session, Fit for Hire has something for everyone.

Fit for Hire sessions are 60mins in length and can be conducted either within or outside the SRC. Please be aware that sessions held within the SRC will incur a room reservation fee of $25 per session. This fee is waived for student groups.

Request one session or multiple per quarter; it is up to you! Rest assured: all necessary supplies are provided by experienced SRC staff and included in the price.

Sessions UCR registered student organizations (RSO) UCR Departments and Communities
1 $45 $75
3 $100 $200
5 $175 $300

Explore the diverse offerings of Fit for Hire below!